About Oman


Historically, Omanis were seafarers and traders who dominated regional commodity trading in the Indian Ocean, East Africa and the Arabian Gulf. There were thus a succession of migrations which saw growth of settlements along the Arabian Peninsula and East African coastal areas.

Oman is located at the eastern corner of the Arabian peninsula. Sharjah and Fujairah (U.A.E.) separate the main part of Oman from the northernmost part of the state, a peninsula (Musandam) extending into the Strait of Hormuz.

“Sultanate of Oman is counted among promising markets due to its strategic location linking the GCC countries with Iran, Yemen and Middle Asia. It also distinguished with its limited populations of 2.5 million. Meanwhile the chances are open in Oman for investors to enter to the gulf market or even to other Arab markets within the Grand Arab Free Trade Zone. It also facilitates to undertake the exporting activities to United States of America, the biggest consumer market of the world, without paying any charges as result of Oman-US Free Trade Agreement.” – Oman Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Oman’s Fact Sheet

Sultanate of Oman
Head of State
His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said
309,500 sq km
4.2 mn (May 2015, NCSI), Omanis 2.3mn, expats 1.8mn
Arabic (official), English, Baluchi, Urdu, Indian dialects
Islam (official): Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh
Ethnic Groups
Arab, African, Baluchi, South Asian (Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Bangladesh
Oil Production
990, 000 barrels per day (2014)
USD 31billion (2014)
GDP per capita
USD 21,000, RO 8000 (2014)
Major Industries
Oil, Natural Gas, Agriculture, Fishing, Tourism
Top 10 trading partners
China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, UAE, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and Iran.
Natural Resources
Petroleum, copper, asbestos, marble, limestone, chromium, gypsum, natural gas
Agriculture Products
Dates, limes, bananas, alfalfa, vegetables, camels, cattle, fish.
Crude oil production and refining, natural and liquefied natural gas, construction, cement, copper, steel, chemicals, optic fiber.